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Instruction manual

Intended Use

The pit access monitoring system, consisting of our patented strike plate with unlocking triangle and manual reset safety switch TEC41-RM connected to its special contact bridge (see Picture 1), is only used as intended:

• as an electro-mechanical safety system for lifting platforms (home lifts).

• in combination with a certified safety door lock and a separate door contact.

• observing the information and safety instructions in this manual.

Any other use is considered improper and may result in personal injury and/or property damage.

Operating Principle

During normal operation our strike plate works exactly the same as an ordinary latch strike.

When the landing door is unlocked by means of a triangular release key, its inbuilt NC safety switch gets forcibly opened (positive opening) and therefore the special bridge connected to the safety switch remains “opened”, too, i.e. deactivated as long as the safety switch is not brought back to its closed position by means of its manual reset.

This implies that the platform cannot operate even if the door gets closed and locked (accidentally or voluntarily). The safety switch (which is solidly fixed to the strike plate with metal rivets) can be reset only through the hole which is located in the panel edge, using a standard screw driver (see Picture 2).
Picture 1 TEC41RM
picture 1
Picture 2 safety switch reset
picture 2


The strike plate TEC41-RM must be installed in the edge of the door panel, opposite to the door lock bolt. The special bridge (which must be connected to the TEC41-RM safety switch NC contact) must be installed in the door panel opposite to the door contact.
Please note: the TEC41-RM should be installed with the switch pointing upwards so that it can be connected to its special bridge in the most direct way (thus avoiding any risk of mechanical interference between connection wires and strike plate mechanism and/or any sharp edges in the door leaf frame). (See Picture 3)

Electrical connections

Please note: when connecting the special bridge to the safety switch NC contact, the use of the M20x1,5 cable gland (included) is highly recommended for maximum protection. (See Picture 4)

immagine 3

immagine 4

immagine 5


The special bridge wires must be fully protected against mechanical damage.
The exposed length of wires running from the special bridge to the opening in the door leaf must be covered by a suitable metal plate or guard (see picture 5). As an alternative the exposed wires must run inside a suitable protection conduit.


The reset hole in the TEC41-RM should be hidden by a removable cover or plug. Once that the TEC41-RM and the special bridge have been installed and connected
• please check good adjustment and smooth movement of the door lock bolt into the strike.

Additional note: in order to get a perfect alignment between the bolt and the strike in a swift and effective way, we recommend the use of our specific centring tool TEC-FIT. (See Picture 6)
• please check easy accessibility and good functioning of the safety-switch reset:
1) open the door by means of the triangular release key
2) remove the reset hole cover (if used)
3) reset the switch using a suitable flat-head screwdriver (see Picture 2)


If the strike plate is properly installed, maintenance is generally not required. Under harsh operating conditions we recommend an annual examination:
1) check that the fixing screws are tightly fastened.
2) check adjustment of bolt to strike plate (centring).
3) remove all deposit of dust or dirt.

Special requirements

The unlocking triangle in the door lock must be made inaccessible (no key hole in the door frame)

Earthing of the door is required to prevent short circuit

Note di sicurezza

All the safety measures required to prevent accidents to maintenance operators and platform users must be always taken. Warning: once the door has been unlocked by release key, press the button to simulate a call and make sure that the door lock safety contact is working correctly. Then proceed with the safe blocking of the door to prevent it from closing accidentally.

Information, improper use

Legal Notices:

© T.E. S.r.l.

All rights reserved.
This manual may not be copied, modified or translated into any other language in whole or in part. Especially when using electronic systems, T.E. S.r.l. has to agree to any processing, duplication or storage of this manual.


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